NEW Forum Truss Rod Cover Design Contest

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Rugerpc , you have some really great designs
I agree with andy474x about the last one with the neck spelling out forum
I’m shamelessly reusing some drawings I made for the first go around. I may make more, we’ll see…

First up: a fairly simple one…


Change the F to an ‘f’ hole f…


f forum…



If memory serves I liked these the last time, too. Simple, clean, nice! If I did one, it'd be a picture of the Roman Forum and I'd spell Forum FORVM like the Romans did...because I used to hang out there when I was in ancient Rome... ;)
I must say I'm absolutely DIGGING the ones with the paisley background!! Nice work!

Rugerpc. Love the guitar spelling Forum design,( so cool). Would you be able to take the Nine bird design & have them flying around the guitar. a thought that's been going round my head last couple of day's !!!!! Great Designs Sir. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
The only bird that's missing? Methinks you're forgetting a couple (vulture comes to mind...ostrich...flamingo...turkey...peacock...dodo...I think I've seen boobies being covered*...I don't think there are any tits*...).

*Yes, I giggled like a 6th grader when I typed that.
Not open for further replies.