New Forum Contest: No Shave November!


Bonus points for the Ramones t shirt
I've never been able to grow facial hair worthy of the name but I'm as hairy now as I'm ever likely to be so here goes. This is also my first attempt to post a photo to this forum.
Old pic of a young me with facial hair (I miss my SC250!):

Newer pic of an older me with as close as I'm going to get to facial hair for a while (my daughter hates stubble):

I SOOOOO want that cut up hollow body! So cool!
I can't imagine what kinda shape you'll be in once you actually open the bottle. (yes I know the story - but couldn't resist... )

I'm such a cheap date - I only have to touch the bottle to become "compliant".
Given my previously noted inability to grow facial hair, I fully expected to sit this one out.

But for some reason - maybe it's cutting the ponytail, maybe that guy I bumped into who looked like Lance Armstrong really was Lance Armstrong and some of the PEDs leeched into my system - suddenly, this month, not only have I been able to grow facial hair, it's come in fast and furious and in various styles.

Well, see for yourself...

There was the Arabian Nights period...


That was followed by the Amish phase...


Then the combover look...


And finally, the Lanny (Brent can explain it to those of you who don't understand)...