New Contest - September 2014

This critter knows whatever's in the case gets all the attention.


Girls like sparkly things, like jewelry and holoflake PRS's.

Just saw the one pic limit, so our three other cats and two German Shepherds await the next contest...
Because there just aren't enough cat pictures on the web... Here's another one! This is Ripley, and the 57/08 SC245 I named after her, Ripzilla. You can't really see it in this photo, but the cat and the guitar are the same charcoal sunburst colors: black on the back, silvery gray-black on the belly, with hints of brown...

Meet Goldy"Top"! Miraculously, Goldy just celebrated his/her one year birthday a few weeks ago. Not bad for a festival goldfish in a plastic bag that some random kid gave us. I figured a week or two tops. I chalk it up to clean livin'. Goldy loves jazz and the Foo Fighters.

My pick, if it mattered, would be Sergio's! It has everything, cool guitar, cool cat and a cool moment in time captured in an artistic way. Second would be Herr Squid for the same exact reasons!