New Contest - September 2014


Aug 23, 1985
Stevensville, MD
New Contest for September.

Post a photo of Your Pet and Your PRS. Post photos between Sept. 1 and Sept 15. We (PRS) will pick three finalists and then you (the forum members) will pick the Grand Prize winner.

Grand Prize: - This gently used PRS banner, value of $100 and I'll throw in a Large PRS t-shirt, value of $25
(Mark is not included)

Since we're not international law experts, we're guitar builders, this contest is only open to US residents. Sorry.

Here is a link to the official rules:
Since our male dog likes to claim everything by lifting his leg on it, he will not be appearing. Maybe Lady will cooperate.
Penthouse Pets do not qualify for this contest.

Besides, if you have one of those, you don't need a banner.
Not the best picture, but I really liked the flash effect on my cat's eyes...thought it was appropriate with October coming up next month:

Zombie PS and Zombie Cat Eyes... :evil:
Moshi with the duo...can't see his collar but it has glow-in-the-dark skulls on it
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Maybe I'll go and dig up some nightcrawlers or something.
I don't trust our 2 big, unruly dogs (or the horse....) near the guitars....
But maybe we can get creative this weekend....:dontknow:
Dont give me that look - I told you, I was going to jam on your PTC Charcoal Cherry today.

I'm in. Just have to go through some photos or think of something to submit. Soon!
I don't think this is a wining photo or anything but did think it was kind of funny that my cat had to check out the "new to the house" case before I even opened it.

Jazz and my SE Acoustic (case)
Of course we Canadians would never complain. So the only recourse we always have is to apologize. So, I'm sorry, I can't send in a photo of my bison and his cu 24. He does have mad skills though :eek:P

Dave from Edmonton