New Concept EP Release In Honor Of D-Day

Coral Sky Music

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Jan 20, 2015
So about 6 months ago I decided to get off my caboose and seriously concentrate on playing and writing again.
Along with the help of one of my best friends and drummer from 30 years ago (Ouch) we did the long distant relationship thing of bouncing tracks and ideas back and forth over the interweb :p to put together this EP
Its a concept piece titled Trinty - Omaha 6.6.44
3 songs based on a soldier that fought and lost his life during D-Day which is strategically released on all major platforms today, the 80th Anniversary D-Day
If you check it out I hope you like it, Thank You
And if anyone out there has any experience with releasing music through tunecore can you explain why our release is under a generic YouTube Channel instead of our Official YouTube Channel that they setup?
Some good stuff here. Care to share more details about the guitar and signal chain for recording?
Thank You I Appreciate That
The Guitars Used Are A 2012 PRS SE Custom 24 Modified With PRS \M/ Pickup & An Older Ibanez Montage Acoustic.
All Guitars Recorded Direct Using Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Which I Think Is Amazing
I Used A Tweaked Archon 100 Amp For All Rhythms , A Tweaked Boogie Mark IV For Leads And Harmonies And A Tweaked Positive Grid Acoustic Amp For Everything Else