New chair/ stool for practice.

I have an armless office chair, this one made by Madison, that works pretty well. It’s firmly padded, but doesn‘t feel like it’s trying to force you backwards all the way into the chair like some do, so it’s nice for reaching down to pedals and such. It’s not perfect, but it’s as close as I have come yet. Being on wheels is nice, too, but you can get stationary ones if it works better for your space. For my area, being able to roll and swivel makes the chair more functional.

Chairs with arms, even low ones, have never worked for me as a playing seat.
Office chair from Office Depot - but mine has a Batman cape. Got a killer deal on it. Arms fold up for playing, but they're there when I'm editing or mixing.

Some years ago I purchased a used Gibralter drum throne with round cushioned seat, no arms. Adjustable both height and footing width. Rotates 360° while seated without binding. It's really comfortable and serves its purpose for when I might need to sit/practice or tweak FM9-Edit parameters at the computer. When not being used for practice it makes a nifty side table that holds my remote, snack plate, or phone.
Herman Miller makes the best chairs IMO. I spend most of my day in one and it is comfortable. It has arms. They have some models with removable arms or none at all.
I spend most of my day in the classic Aeron chair from Herman Miller, but I almost bought the one you listed here a couple of years ago! For playing these days, I am sitting on my cajon while playing it with a DW5000, so probably the least attractive option out of all!!