New CE24 Fret Buzz-is it a me thing?


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Feb 1, 2021
I recently purchased a new PRS CE 24. Very pleased with my purchase.

That said, I've noticed it's got a sting buzz on E A and D I can't shake

This is the first guitar I have purchased or really played on other than my 06 MIM Strat, so it's entirely possible I'm just very used to the way that guitar plays. Also, I'm not the best player so maybe I'm just hitting the stings too hard at times?

Anyway, I bought it new, so it's not an issue a previous owner caused. I've checked all the measurements I know and they appear to be in spec. I will list them out

Relief @8th : .010"
Action @ 12 low E: ~5/64" (maybe a smidge less)
Action @ 12 hight e: 4/64"
Bridge: floating and level. Height 1/16"
Frets: appear flawless. Checked with fret rocker and no high frets found. New so no worn spots.
Strings: factory 10's
Pickup Height: 3/32" Bass side 5/64" treble side

The buzz is on the strings in general not a specific spot. No buzz on open string but when fretting I get it. It buzzed like this out of the box. I have tried to to raise the action and add relief and buzz is still there and have gone back to manufacture specs

As I said I'm not the best player; however, I did verify it's not my finger position or pressure.

If I pluck softly there is no buzz.

Buzzing accoustically doest bother me too much, but this buzz is coming through the Amp; you can hear the rattle of the string on the frets. Unwound strings are ok. Just the EAD buzz.

Any recommendations? Is this just normal and I'm just so use to how 1 guitar plays? Any thoughts would be appreciated

(I can upload photos or video/ audio if you think that would help)


TL;DR: I got some buzz. Trying to see if it's me or the guitar.
Electrics aren’t as problematic as acoustics but it could be a humidity issue. Especially this time of year. I didn’t look for your location but if you’re in a cold wintery place like me, your guitar could be dry. That happens on some of my guitars
Thanks a lot for the feedback. Do you think I should try a humidifier to help the solution? My house is ~33% humidity now can try to bump it to 45%or so. I bought the guitar to play, so I don't really want to have to get a case an only leave it in there and take it out to play...that said if that's what it takes that's what I'll do.
My house is around 35 in the winter. Approximately 45 is where you would want it. You could try to bump up the humidifier in the house but sometimes there’s just too much air volume for the humidifier to handle. I have a house humidifier and a room humidifier (where my guitars are) but it goes through water so fast that I quit using it because it was too much trouble. Now, my guitar that handles the humidity is the one that sits out and the other goes in the case with a humidipak. I get not wanting to keep it in the case all the time. You might get a humidifier and put it in the case for a couple weeks to confirm that the buzz is related to humidity too.
I have confirmed that humidity does have an effect on some of my electric guitars though.