New 2021 S2 love

I'm under the impression that the S2 594's have been flying off the shelves all year, so I'm not surprised that they're not revamping those guitars just yet.

Not really tracking the rest of the S2 lines since that's the one I might end up buying.
Hear alot of people who were hoping for some P90 stuff. Yeah, would have been cool. Just my crazy opinion, bu my brain cells are saying that PRS has gotten rid of the soapbar P90 in an effort to move on from them and move towards reintroducing the idea in the form of a modernized mini humbucker (Paul's Guitar TCI, or the Narrowfield on the Studio). I'm probably wrong.
You're probably right. P90/soapbar pickups are one of the first pickups ever designed, and possibly also the least refined. I definitely would never say that about the 408/Paul's pickups, Narrowfields, or anything "TCI."