Neil Young "Journeys" (heads up Doc Club members)

Hopeful Sinner

Angry Southern Gentleman
Apr 26, 2012
It's been a while since we all watched a good documentary and I just finished a good one. Neil Young Journeys is pretty darn good. He returns to his hometown and tours around showing all these places that shaped the boy that became the crazy bugger we all know and well, know... ;) The footage is interwoven with a filmed one night stand in a small theater in town. Some great guitar tones throughout!!!

It's a good watch whether you like his music or not.
Love Neil, and I have this "on demand" at the moment, for free.

Any footage of him playing with Crazy Horse?
Not a big fan of his voice or guitar playing, but damn, he's written some great songs. Interesting dude also. Thanks I will check it out.

I recommend catching the Bob Marley documentary, I know it's on NETFLIX.