Criss On Strings

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Sep 4, 2019
Hey guys! I have a question related to my PRS SE Singlecut. I want to replace the stock bridge, because i have a sitar-ish sound that i can't get rid off with any adjustments and i understand that this is a common issue on these models, because of the bridge that tends to lean a bit forward over time. I use 10 gauge strings. I even had the nut replaced by a professional, but the annoying sound persists.

I want to replace the bridge with one from TonePros but i'm not exactly sure if the model i want fits on my guitar. This is what i want to order: TonePros Wraparound Bridge with Locking Studs, model AVT2P. (I would give you the link, but this is my first post and i understand i shouldn't use links until i have 3 posts).

TonePros does specify it's for PRS guitars, but i see something about USA guitars, i'm not sure if it will work on my Korean SE Singlecut.

Can anybody please tell me if this model fits and if not, what model should i choose instead? Preferably from the TonePros brand.

Thank you!
The TonePros locking studs are good. Get the metric ones, those are for imports.

The TonePros bridge is super annoying to restring as the strings fall out the bottom and don't go thru a defined hole like on the PRS. I took it back off and went to the stock bridge.
looks good, only i live in Europe and i have to find the bridge here, because the shipping costs/fees are too high if i order something from the US. I managed to find the TonePros in some stores in Germany and Spain.