Need some info/expertise.. SC58 / SC245 related.


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Oct 8, 2014
So I have been googling trying to find concrete information on what the main differences are between these two models (SC58 / SC245). So far all I have read is that the SC58 is not weight relieved. The SC245 is. Is this true?

My father is looking to purchase one and I am just trying to get the best advice for him. He's generally a Les Paul guy. He wants something that will have a tone closest to a LP (he's aware that exact replication isn't going to happen) but with PRS build quality.

So what's your opinions? Which is more ideal for someone looking for a more classic LP-style tone? Also, is the SC58 discontinued? Noticed it's not on the website anymore.

Thanks guys (& gals... if there are any lol)


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Apr 15, 2014
My understanding is that the SC58 and the newer SC245s are essentially the same guitar. The difference is that the SC58 has the artist package top, guitar case, etc. The newer SC245s now have the two piece bridge when before it was the one piece wraparound.

I have a Stripped 58 which is the less "fancy" looking version of the SC58. It is my Les Paul replacement and I love it.