Need Pickup Wiring Help!! Putting USA 8515 pickups in SE Custom 24


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Aug 25, 2019
Hey everyone, could use some help here. I have a 2018 SE Custom 24 that has a 3 way blade switch, volume, and push/pull coil tap/split (same thing?). I recently purchased some used American made 8515 pickups from a buddy to install in my SE, I planned to install them the exact same way as the original ones, which is switch is Treble, treble & Bass, and bass and then same when the push/pull is out, but split coils/taps.

so, everything was going good, got the back open to plan my attack and ran into a snag. The original G&B SE 8515s pickups have 5 wires (one bare) vs the USA PRS 8515 pickups which have 2 wires (3 with braided shield considered as one).

my question is, how can I install these so that the USA 2 or 3 wire pickups function identical to the original 5 wire pickups with only 2 wires? PRS support said to use black as “hot”, white as tap/split, and the braided shield as ground. If that’s the case, why do the Korean ones have 5 wires?

Any help or even better, schematic showing the wiring for these 2 wire US pickups in the SE would be awesome!! The guitar has 1 volume knob, 1 PRS Push/pull tone knob, 3 way blade switch, and output jack. Appreciate any help! Will try to attach pictures of what I have soon, but can’t figure out how to post them now, so I’ll follow up. Thanks!!!
Sorry, here is what the pickups have coming off them as wiring goes:
US 8515:
-1 Black wire with steel braided shield covering
-1 White

SE 8515s:
-1 Black
-1 White
-1 Green
-1 Red
-1 Bare
Awesome, thanks!! Think you’re right, seems like if I use the black as hot and white as split it should work. Guess I can always try and if it doesn’t work, go from there. Thanks for the help!!
The neck and ground wires can be different colors for the bass and treble pickups, at least on the 4-conductors. So if it all sounds weird, then they’re out of phase.