Need pickup recommendation for PRS custom 22


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Feb 19, 2021
I'm gonna change the pickups on my Korean PRS Se custom 22 which is mahogany body and rosewood fingerboard and has factory "Tone Furnace" pickups on it rn.

I usually play rock/blues and sometimes funk/pop style things.Highest gain I go is Gary Moore(blues era not 80s) and the cleanest is jazz but quite rare tbh.

I play both rhtym and lead guitar often being the only guitarist in the band.

What I need from the pickup is:

-Dynamic: This is really important to me. I go from really soft picking to SRV style real quick.

-Tone: It goes without saying but it has to sound good with clean and REALLY good with overdrive and should be able to handle some distortion.

Also I need Neck pickup to sound really smooth since that is what I usually use and Bridge pickup to handle it when I get a little bit more agressive

-Clean up: I use volume knob quite a bit often leaving overdrive pedal on all time and using knob to go clean.

-About EQ I dont like too much high or too much low so something balanced or maybe something that brings out mids is my preference.But still would like to hear about a pickup that you would recommend even if it doesnt follow this.

And it doesnt have to be coil split I dont like it that much. PAF or humbuckers both works any advice is appreciated. Thanks already!
My favorite boutique aftermarket PAF pups that sound phenomenal both clean and distorted are Jim Wagner's Darkburst pickups. They were formally called WCR and now are (I think) called JWP or something like that. Absolutely stellar.
5310s would be good but good luck finding those floating around.

8515 neck is an incredible pickup but its bridge mate is lacking IMO.

5909s are incredible pickups and would sound great in that guitar.