Neck binding poll

Neck binding preferences?

  • Must have

    Votes: 2 1.8%
  • Not required but I prefer them

    Votes: 34 30.6%
  • No preference either way

    Votes: 29 26.1%
  • Prefer no binding would still buy if bound

    Votes: 34 30.6%
  • Completely unacceptable

    Votes: 12 10.8%

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Apr 26, 2012
Any thoughts on neck bindings? I used to be ambivalent but I'm finding myself drawn to them now.
Neck binding? I can't afford a PRS with neck binding (yet :) )

I have seen some I love and some that are 'meh'. Such a hard question to answer....
Can't understand why anyone would ruin a beautiful piece of wood with plastic. Natural binding is what turned me onto PRS.
I generally prefer without. I actually prefer a full wraparound finish on the body as well, no binding.
I love it. All of my guitars have binding. As Hans says above, it's best when the binding is made out of wood.

I know that's mostly a headstock shot, but I'm too lazy to take a new photo :redface:
i was going to say the same thing - maple binding is awesome! FWIW, I also don't mind the binding on my Siggy Ltd, or my former Ted Ltds.
Any thoughts on neck bindings? I used to be ambivalent but I'm finding myself drawn to them now.

Absolute reverse. They used to be a must when I was dreaming of a Les Paul. I love them on my jazzboxes. But then, I bought a PRS without any neck binding, and now there's no way I would select a guitar with them. Well, maybe a hollow body, maybe...

I must say, though, that natural maple binding is the only way to binding go.

Ok Bye!
I used to prefer with, back in my Gibson days, then when I switched to PRS, I preferred without.

But my SC58 and Siggy changed my mind. I LOVE the plastic binding!

Not for the looks, for the feel. It seems to keep my fingers away from the fret ends that I can sometimes feel despite my best efforts at humidifying the guitars in winter. So it's a very practical upgrade, as far as I'm concerned.

Wood binding is great too. But I really wish PRS still offered the HBII with the plastic binding. However it's not a deal-breaker either way for me.
I generally prefer binding with a rosewood neck / board. Preferably a white or cream coloured nut too so it looks like the fretboard is being framed.

This. I've been looking at getting an SE One to play around with, and I can get one pretty cheap but when I saw the One with binding and birds, well, now I'm on the hunt for one of those, cheap.
I like binding on Les Paul style guitar, but prefer without on my Teles. My SE 245 doesn't have it, miss it visually, but feel wise, it's fine without.
Love the binding, especially maple. Both my PS builds have it. I was a Gibby/Heritage refuge so it's been programmed in me since I was a youngin.