Neal Schon!


Authorized PRS Dealer
Authorized PRS Dealer
Jan 15, 2013
Our first Neal Schon N-14 has finally arrived at Music 49! All we can say is WOW!
Very nice!

The guitar looks great. More pics please.

Not so sure about the case. Is this standard for the NS?
Jason, I'm glad you joined this community.

Everyone else...Jason is an amazing guy to work with, and he has some great stuff to pick from.
Hey man I'll upload a few more, in our personal opinion the case looks awesome. It's a dark green inside and a dark brown alligator skin textured outside. Not sure yet if it's standard since it's the only one we've seen so far.

Stay tuned.

Thanks for the welcome guys!

This is actually Chad from Music 49, Jason and I are the two guys that run the shop. Glad to hear all the nice comments about Jason. I'll pass the love his way.

Welcome to the forum!

The guys at Music49 are great. I ended up buying two Custom 24s from them at last year's Experience and they were great to work with! Highly recommended.
Thanks for the additional pics. Really beautiful guitar!

Still don't like the case, though ;-)

What about the pickups? Compared to the pics and specs on the PRS website they appear to have changed (uncovered treble pu).