Name that Guitarist Game.

This is a bit harder.
This is a Vancouver band from the mid sixties .
The white dude is the guitar player ,
but he's more famous for something else .

I have no idea if this is right or not, and I'm just giving it a shot in the dark here, but is that Chong from Cheech & Chong?

Goldtop Lloyd
You're right Goldtop , that's Tommy Chong .

Man, I flat got lucky there. I don't deserve to post a pic from that. Someone else can take this turn if they want. If not, I'll come up with somebody...

Okay, there hasn't been any other takers, so I'll add another picture. This might be too easy with that prominent proboscis...


Goldtop Lloyd
That would be Les Shefman...circa 1964! :laugh::laugh:

Just kidding Les....gotta learn to censor those impulses.:)
Actually, I know who it is from the link information....but that's cheating. I'll leave it to someone knowledgeable to respond.