NAD: How is this possible for a tiny thing?


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Aug 8, 2017
I have been eyeing this little amp for a while. I do not have any physical guitar amplifiers anymore as I use plugins. But, I needed a smaller amp for noodling around wherever I am around the house, and this fit my needs. I was able to gather Amazon gift cards to get one!

My quick raw demo of the Mooer Hornet 05i, using my phone to record video and audio on my PRS S2 Darth Paul, please excuse my just-woke-up playing. But, I suck whatever anyway:

From Mooer's website:

*Digital modeling amplifier based on the MOOER Intelligent AMP System.
*52 amp models created with MNRS technology, and 49 classic and experimental effects.
*5-watt D class amplifier with a two-inch loudspeaker.
*40 drum machine varieties and 10 metronomes.
*80-second looper that can sync with the drum machine.
*Comes with tuner for tuning your instrument easily.
*Rechargeable battery with up to 5 hours battery life.
*Specialized MOOER iAMP APP for complete effects editing, firmware updates, and the ability to upload/download tones from MOOER Cloud.
*Support for wireless footswitch control.
*Bluetooth 5.0 high-quality audio input for audio playback or practice.
*USB-C port for high-quality audio recording and playback

My initial thoughts:

How is this possible for such a tiny amp!!! It is very loud for such a small amp! It sounds awesome just like the reviews out there say. I can control and save presets via Bluetooth on my phone. Lots of tonal options! I think I need the optional to purchase footswitch to access the looper and drum loops though. I really like its small factor so I can play and noodle around anywhere in the house.

I will make a better demo soon.
I immediately thought of one for travel but can’t get one close to me before that, was also looking into the spark offerings but I guess the acoustic will come on this trip