NAAD, unexpected deal edition


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Nov 12, 2012
That's New Acoustic Amp Day, in case you didn't know. After last weekend's gig when I couldn't hear myself, but I could hear the other guitarist since he brought an amp (I was running a Pod Go direct), I decided I don't ever want to be completely at the mercy of someone else who's running the monitors. So, I decided I needed an acoustic amp.

I looked at the usual suspects - Fishman Loudbox Mini (what he was using), Boss Acoustic Singer, Marshall AD50, etc....I decided I really liked the Boss Acoustic Singer Live, but didn't want to spend that much. Then I discovered the existence of the Live LT, which someone had listed locally - sells nw for $450, instead of the $580 for the regular Live. It has a few less bells and whistles, but seemed like a good choice. While I was debating with myself, he dropped his price from $300 to $250, so I jumped.

I met him this morning, looked it over, handed him the cash and put it in my car. As he was driving away I took a second look, and it finally registered with me that not only was it very clean, but it had a harmonizer and looper - yup, it was the more expensive version rather than the LT. So, got the exact amp I wanted at an excellent price. Have been playing around with it, and it sounds fantastic - can't wait for next practice!!!

I should mention, his ad had been up for a month, titled only "acoustic amp" with a picture of an LT from Sweetwater - so there was no way of knowing before meeting and making the deal. Part of me feels mildly guilty, but I gave him his precise asking price, so only mildly.
It is truly hell when you can't hear yourself...
I keep my own monitor (QSC CP-8) at church all the time, just for the once a month or so I play. It is my monitor, with only my two Atomic Amplifier plugged into it. I’m also within 10 feet of two other monitors with all the other stuff in it, but I CAN NOT play if I can’t hear myself. If I’m just strumming rhythm chords, it’s OK, but I rarely if ever do just that so I have to hear myself.
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