N(u)GD - 2019 DC594 Artist w/Rosewood Neck!


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Feb 13, 2022
This is both a "surprise" and long-time coming, depending on the perspective. I was not really in the market for another guitar as my collection felt complete and covered all of my bases. What else could I "need" (very loose use of the term need here, but I am sure many of you can understand)?

I recently had abdominal surgery which meant a few weeks off from playing and then only using the lightest guitars for a few weeks. This meant my 2018 DC594 got a lot of playing time over the past month. It is a guitar that I fought for a long time before finding the magic combination of moving to 11's (D-Standard) and playing with the pick-up height. It became a whole new guitar and felt great, but it was always "in the rotation". Now with only being able to play that one guitar for ~10 hrs a week (I work from home and my guitars are in my office... so I can "multi-task" during the work day) over the past month, I really got to bond with it. It's a great guitar, but something just felt off to me the more I played it. All of my other guitars (except for the 2018 SC594 soapy) are nitro finished guitars. Going back and forth between the two is no issue, but dedicating a lot of time to a poly coated guitar really made me conscious of the neck feel. This is where the "long-time coming" part comes in.

As it turns out, none of my guitars have a natural wood neck or even a satin neck. That is a feature which caught my attention about a two years ago. It's not a feature I really expected on a normal production guitar. I fell down the rabbit hole of "what other guitars are for sale", even though I was not planning to buy anything. As I started looking at the various PRS Artist package guitars several 594 Artists with rosewood necks caught my attention. Now things got interesting.

I started going after my preferred SC594's but felt it would be easier to defend to my wife if I got a DC594 because I could always sell my current DC594, thus it would be a swap... Yeah, that is the plan. I promise. There were a few DC594's to choose from and I was not really concerned with the color other than it should not be too similar to any of my other guitars. A beautiful 2019 Copperhead DC594 Artist package was the winner.

It has a very smooth rosewood neck, gorgeous ebony board, beautiful birds, and is in incredible condition. It arrived today. A few setup adjustments and I immediately put in a short 30 minute session to make sure she is a good fit. Everything is perfect. I am amazed at how nice the neck feels. It almost feels like it has a slightly different carve from my 2018 DC594. The guitar feels great and plays exceptionally well. Now I will take a few weeks to see if there is a place for 2 DC594's or if I should go ahead and move the older one. In the meantime, its going to be fun doing back to back sessions with them.





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Great guitar! And the wifey logic ain't bad either ;~)) Congrats and enjoy!!!
Congrats! Looks killer.

But consider thus: the other DC594 is blue. Rather different from the rest of the fam. It is only logical you keep it. It has a special place. Even Sergio should be able to live with that line of reasoning