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My turn, Metallica vs. Megadeth. GO

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And the all time best metal band is....

Megadeth, hands down. If you span their career, there are no weird "we gotta do something different" albums except Risk. Yet, Dave always rocks hard enough, and throws in enough twists, to keep every album fresh and great.

Don't take me wrong. I love Metallica. They come in 2nd overall, but also second on this list.

I've also seen Megadeth 3 times, over a fairly broad time period (probably around 15 years form first to last time I saw them) and they are freaking TIGHT and GREAT in concert. And, despite what I'd heard, Dave was cool as heck when we met him.
I'll even the score (early I know) and go with Metallica. I'm not a big metal fan and Metallica did enough in the hard rock sense to get played on the stations I listened to and so they got more ear time.
Metallica powered me through the last two years of programming for my computer science degree, changed the way I look at (and consequently play) guitar forever, and generally just burned themselves into my DNA. They may have lost their way for a while (heck, so did Rush), but the Hardwired album (and especially Spit out the Bone) proved they've still got it. For me it's a no-brainer vote for Metallica.
I'm going Metallica because of their foray off the beaten path. I dig diversity in music, and appreciate when bands take chances. Rush, Zep and the Beatles are three big bands that sound completely different throughout their careers. I dig Megadeth, too. But I think Metallica wins for their imprint on the scene.
I'm going Metallica, there songs is some of my favourite stuff to play on guitar and listening to them really makes me want to play guitar. I remember getting home from Download Festival at about 2am and deciding I just had to learn Seek and Destroy right there and then. I have recently been getting more and more into Megadeth but I feel Metallica just have that extra something that makes them better.
I'm going with Megadeth. Gotta give Dave credit for getting booted from your band and starting your own (better) band. I love me some Metallica tunes, but I only like the ones I like. I can listen to Megadeth all the way through.
Listen to Endgame. However many years it is, into their career, that album still rips your face off. And it's full of enough twists to not be just boring speed chugging. And of course Megadath has ALWAYS had better guitar solos than Metallica.

I think Dave and James are the two best metal rhythm players. Both are fast and tight. While I'm sure it hurt Dave when it happened, it was sure a break for the fans. Arguably the two best metal bands ever came out of the split. Dave formed a band that I've always liked better than Metallica, even though I always liked Metallica a lot as well. When I saw them on the Cryptic Writings tour, Nick Menza was the best metal drummer I've seen. And lead playing, off the hook since day one. I figured I'd be in the minority here. No doubt Metallica is more popular. Not sure why.
And yes, I know it's not fair to compare those two albums. 8 songs on Master vs 12 on Cryptic. Master has some longer more brooding tunes vs. Megadeth more shorter high tempo songs. Still. Use The Man and She-Wolf are all timers. If I were in a metal band, the first two tunes we'd learn would be She-Wolf and Hanger 18 and we'd start the show with She-Wolf. Blow their heads off in the first 15 seconds! Oh, and for those of you who go searching for the song, just crank it up on a good stereo. And hope you have a neck brace!
Rust in Peace is my favorite Thrash album of al time. Marty Friedman had some godly leads on the album and Dave wrote some of the best riffs. Love Metallica too, but it's Megadeth for me.
Rust in Peace is my favorite Thrash album of al time. Marty Friedman had some godly leads on the album

Despite agreeing with you completely (and seeing them front row on that tour!), Metallica still does it more for me overall. Gah! I can't even explain why. :confused:
I'm late to the party but I'm leaning slightly Megadeth. I saw Metallica live for the first time in 1986 and they blew me away. I saw Megadeth for the first time in 1987 and it is still the best show I've ever been at. They opened with the first 4 songs off Peace Sells with nothing more than red stage lighting and fog. I was dead center against the barricade so about 3 feet from Dave. They pummeled me into submission.