Yeah, each one I've tried thus far has been way too heavy for me, looking for a lighter option (hence the McCarty and Mira suggestions). My back has an ironclad veto on this. :D

594 SC Semi-hollow?
A truly enviable collection!

I truly hope it is complete, but there is something in the human psyche that makes it near impossible for us to ever stop.
594 SC Semi-hollow?

It's light, but I don't like hollowbodies (the only exception is the Gibson Lucille) or more accurately, I don't like the attack. I don't know how to describe it, each picked note feels like a gut-punch cough, like it's all air and no density to it. I like that when I play acoustic, it's a whole different playing style and a tone to the strings, but with an electric, it just feels... wrong. I tried quite a few - the PRS HB II, Gibson L-5, Lucille, a few jazz boxes - and I figured out it's simply the feel of it.

I've thought about Korina-bodied beauties too... not a lot of weight to em.
Very nice! There are some lighter weight SCs out there, assuming 8lbs counts as lighter weight. I have back issues but I still mostly play SCTs these days.