My pics from Mini BaM 2012

Good times brothers..... good times!! :D
What is the scoop on that burled DGT? pic #6 - I don't recall seeing that one on BaM.

And pic #8... interesting photo at the bottom of the frame... :shock: not sure I want to know the story on that one!
Looking through these pics again I see that someone brought a Kemper to the party. Anyone in attendance care to comment on the profiled tones?
This was so much fun! Meeting Bammers at Markies museum..... :mrgreen:
gag halfrunt said:
Good call.

I remember a bunch of good dudes hanging... and me floundering in the wake of Mike and Saleeba's guitar playing.
Dude, seriously? Floundering??!! :lol: You shredded our brains out. :cool:

I still have visions of PRS 12 strings played thru Sewell amps dancing in my head. :mrgreen: Awesome time.