My New (Used) PRS Opinions?


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Feb 16, 2015
I am new to the forum. I just bought the following 1996 PRS Standard 22 in Mint (like new) condition. I can't find out much about this model online. It is completely original and plays and sounds amazing. I play a lot of high end guitars when I go into music stores. I bought this one on the spot because of the tone and feel. It's one of the best guitars that I have ever played and rivals my originally owned non-chambered guitar Gibson Les Paul for tone.

Can anyone shed some light on this model and its value?



Looks like you have the year and the model right. Look for a sticker on the back of the pickups to find out what they are. Might be the HFS/Vintage set or Dragon 1's which would be a very good thing. There may be a MODCAT sticker in the bridge cavity that tells all the details of the build but I'm not sure when they started using them so it may not be there. Just have to look.

Oh, and I love all Hog guitars!
very nice 96 in great condition. I say the pickups are vintage bass and hot fat screamer. Looks to be a standard in jet white. With winged locking tuners!!! Awesome score.
Lovely guitar. I'm not sure what's going on in terms of PRS second-hand values at the moment. In the UK the bottom seems to have dropped out of the used PRS market and there are incredible deals to be had... albeit on a rather more limited pool of guitars. Over here you would struggle to sell that guitar for £1200. We just had a pristine '91 Signature with bonafides that sold for £1900... sadly I missed it. I'd say... enjoy your guitar, you probably won't get a better instrument for the year or price, but don't think you've got an 'investment-piece' on your hands.
Thanks for all the responses. Yes. It has the original. Pickups and it plays and sounds great. Keeper
Paging Sergio and JetWhitey to the White (guitar) Courtesy Phone...

Winged tuners? Niiiiiiiiice!

Great score.
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Slick! Should have Dragons in it, since it's a 22 fret. Neck would be wide fat or wide thin. Mahogany body and neck.

No modcat in '96, but the model code will be written in marker in the bridge pickup rout.