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Mar 7, 2023
Suffolk, UK
Here's a pic of my new DGT SE - apologies for the dodgy looking studio carpet!

Beautiful and I’m glad to see you’ve got the pic posting sorted out.
thanks for your help on that :)
I’ve been curious about those about giving us a quickie review?
Well, as we all know, guitars and our love of them is always a bit subjective, so I am a little nervous to write a review as such, but here's my humble opinion.
I wouldn't usually order a guitar sight unseen or unplayed. However, I have long been a fan of DG's playing (loved Storyville) and approximately 3 days after PRS announced the SE production of this guitar I called my friendly store (I understand I mustn't name??) and ordered one. I think that was Sat 14 Jan, and she arrived Sat Mar 4th.

There was enough detail on the web regarding neck size/carve and although both my main squeezes have big necks ('54 Strat 60th Anniversary and a Jeff Beck Mk1) I thought I'd be OK.

And straight out of the gig bag I felt at home.
Nice zingy resonance unplugged, beautiful colouring - I was amazed at the way the "flame" moves, especially for a veneer. The neck just sits comfortably in the hand with a very slinky feel all the way to the dusty end. Obviously it has less bulk in the palm than that of my Strats, but that didn't cause any problem at all.
And, I suppose being mainly a Strat player, the controls made immediate sense to me. Everything within easy reach. Two teeny crits would be that the control knobs do not have any indentations or serrations on them - totally smooth in other words - and quick adjustments could be a bit tricky if you have sweaty hands, and the toggle switch was extremely stiff. But my luthier friend sorted the switch out ( it just needed some lubricant) and I have already gigged with the guitar and I didn't have any probs with the controls.

Soundwise, I was pleasantly surprised at how detailed the pick ups are. Lovely tonal balance. Smooth bottom end without being boomy and shimmering high end without being too shrill. I have used coil taps before but this system is the best and most useable I have ever encountered. A little volume loss but not much, and I found myself using the tap quite a lot more than the one I had on my old McCarty.

I don't want to bore you so will end by saying I am extremely impressed. Using it with both valve(tube) and solid state/modelling amps, the guitar is impressive in its versatility, playability and sound. I am just a journeyman guitarist and this covers a heck of a lot of ground. Great guitar for the money.