My band Fire & the Knife live video "Rain or Shine"

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    The band I play with did a cool gig a couple weeks ago where the venue recorded high quality audio and HD video. It was a total blast and I wish every gig was this cool! It's a regular event called Studio On, hosted in an art gallery called Muse & Co in Roswell, GA. I'd love for this concept to take off everywhere.

    Here's an original tune called "Rain or Shine", a soulful love song with harmony guitars and back-to-back solos. In a bit of a mixing goof, I'm in the right speaker, though I'm on the left side of the stage.

    Anyway, the important stuff: HBII with Lollar Low Wind Imperials --> Flashback X4 for the cleans. Add the Xotic SL Drive for the harmonies and TC Spark Mini on top of that for my solo. Amp is a Valvetech 50W 2x12 combo.

    And a pic of said HBII for good measure:
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