Must have blues albums?


Mmmm singlecuts..
Apr 29, 2012
Alberta, Canada
What's your go to, must have blues album? Style doesn't matter as long as its blues baby :)

Mine is Clapton's From the Cradle...It was a impulse buy back when it released and I couldn't imagine being without a copy now.

Whats yours and why?
SRV - Texas Flood. He brought the blues to a new generation, granted it was a bit before my time, but I think it was the strongest statement in blues since Hendrix. And there hasn't been anything to rival it since.
I don't know if I could pin it down to a single album, but if I could only listen to one blues player for the rest of my life it would be Howlin' Wolf. Hands down.
I'm going to go with Muddy Waters "Hard Again", narrowly edging out SRV's "Couldn't Stand The Weather" and "The Complete Robert Johnson".

Much like Shawn, though, I'd hate to narrow it down to one.
Gosh I love blues. I started getting into it listening to old 78s and playing jelly roll piano and boogie woogie back in the mid 60s; and then got into the guitar guys with the guitar player in my band, who was also seeking the real deal stuff. So I love the old guys who were still around then. But...and I know this isn't a purist-approved favorite blues-based album of all time is Allman Brothers Live at the Fillmore.

I just think they put everything they had into that record, and they had an awful lot. The playing and vocals are stellar, the arrangements and songs are still great, and...I dunno.

I just love that record.
I love so many, but John Mayall and Bluesbreakers has it for me. Mainly for Hideaway - how influential was that record/tune?
I'll toss another out there for consideration - Davy Knowles & Back Door Slam "Live From Melbourne".
I never get tired of BB King Live at the Regal. It's the whole package of great riffs, great singing and connection with the audience.
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