Musicians Friend SDOD Quilter 101


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Jan 4, 2017
Omaha, NE
Is this legal? Posting about another amp manufacturer in the amp section?

I don't know anything about Quilters. But a 100 watt head in a package so small you can almost put in on your pedal board? All for $179!

It seems like a cheap backup or practice amp or practice with headphones or ?. Very little risk. To be clear, I'm certainly not recommending this. Again, I don't know anything about Quilter.

Musicians Friend Stupid Deal of the day Quilter 101.
Legal? I think so. Boy, that's tempting to get as an amp to use the modelers with real guitar cabs. That's a good and popular amp a the normal price. At that price, a great deal!
Shawn Tubbs demoed one of these on his YT channel. Decent tone for a solid state device, and works well with FRFR, effects loops, and straight in. Might be tempting for a gig where a cab could be employed, but no need within my household at this time. Good value for the money, though.
Apparently a lot of people thought this was a good deal. There must of been a lot of chatter. I put it in my cart and before I could complete it it was sold out!
Today's SDOD is the Quilter 45. A stomp pedal sized 45 watt amp for $99.

You can add this to you pedalboard and only carry it and a speaker cab to you gig! Also handy for a guys using modelers like a Line 6 Stomp/Helix/Helix LT.