Music Unites - Here's A List of PRS Artists Offering Online Lessons & Performances

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    Music Unites – Here’s a List of PRS Artists Offering Online Lessons & Performances


    Music is a powerful force in the world. That fact will never change. Whether a music lover, a casual player, or a professional musician, right now, many of us are in need of some help, some comfort, or some good old distraction. In an effort to support our Artist Family who has been uniquely impacted, and to keep a little music in all our lives, we have compiled a list of PRS artists offering paid and unpaid guitar lessons, live–streamed performances, and more. At times like this, it helps to have a little music to keep us all strong and united. We hope you enjoy this content.

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    On a side note, I saw Brandon Bayliss (PRS player in Umphreys McGee) is doing paid lessons on I didn't take note of other PRS artists but there could be more.

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