Much love for the 59/09s...


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Apr 26, 2012
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I finally got my hands on a set of 59/09s (squabbins) and I dropped them in my CE24. WOW!

Had a Studio with the 57/08 and NFs and they were fantastic as well. I know tone is subjective but to me these 5#/0# and the 53/10 series pickups are magic. The PRS guitars I have played with them not only sound amazing they feel different when you play them, thick complex harmonics that you feel in the body of the guitar. The 59/09s just transformed my CE. It's going to be hard to put it down. I know this topic has been discussed in ridiculous detail and Chris' recent shoot out shows how great these pickups are as compared to a range of other wonderful PRS pickups but I had to share. Now I'm trying to convince myself that I don't need a set of 57/08s in my SC. Good luck with that.
Chris' videos are extremely dangerous. I have a set of DGTs in my CU22 that I have absolutely loved for a couple years now, but after seeing the videos I think the 59/09s might be even better. Which I never would have thought if not for those dang videos!!! Especially now that you can get new ones anytime you want.
I have 57/08's in my MC58 and 53/10's in my P22 IRW, both are excellent!
For classic "punchier" hum tones I prefer the 57/08's. The 53/10's are almost TOO transparent and airy for
more gainy rock tones imo, can get a little "blubby" for lack of a better word.
I'm going to try switching the neck hum with this special "dual single-bucker" I had made by Finnish luthier Veijo Rautia
(makes custom pups for brands like Magneto guitars amongst others).
Thereby turning the H-H P22 IRW into a H-S-S (with some GREAT twangy tones).
I'm planning to make a demo vid A/B/C the standard 53/10 with this special dual/single pup and a 1965 strat for comparison's sake.
Love the 5909 bridge I put in my Stripper. Gonna put the neck in & try it out soon.
Good feedback on the 53/10s, I was thinking about one in the neck of my SC but it may be a bit too tame for that spot. Is it over stating it to say that I think the 59/09s make my amp sound they way I always hoped it would? I've got a Mesa Studio .22+ (runs EL84s) that always seemed a bit too fizzzy and not as think as I would like. Since I made the change to the 59/09s that amp sings and I'm getting some nice think harmonically complex tones on the lead channel that just weren't there for me before.

Curious to hear how you like the 59/09 in the bridge of you Stripper. Let us know.
I love the 57/08's. 59/09's are great too for rock but a little mids heavy for the cleans I like. 57/08's got a nice balance of punch, clarity, and sound great for all styles. I took the 57's out of my CU24 and put them in my Les Paul a couple of times.... Made the Les Paul SOOOO much better.
I think the 59/09s are amazing, and I couldn't be happier. I also play alot of cleans and I think they are great. My experience with using an EQ has been that it works better to cut frequencies, rather than attempting to introduce them where the don't naturally exist. With some careful EQ tweeking, I think anyone can achieve a sweeter clean tone with these powerful beauties than with other weaker pickups. A legendary player renown for his signature clean sound also used higher output pickups, and that man was Jerry Garcia. Besides, when I do crank up the gain, WOW! These babies are so responsive, and yet very clear. I get all the harmonics I could ever want and more. I can name some other great pickups from other manufacturers, and it is so hard to compare great with great, but if I could count the absolute best pickups EVER made on one hand, the 59/09s would be on it!
Oh yeah, I forgot to add that the tapped neck position through the clean channel with a little reverb.............I could just hang out there alll day!!!!!!
Agree, 5909's have been my favorite pickups since they were introduced!! I snagged a pair right when they came out, and was instantly hooked. I liked the 5708's, but in many guitars they were just a little weak in the bridge pickup. SC 245 pickups fixed that in the 2 5708 equipped SC 245's I had, but I lost the sparkle and the clarity of the 5708's. The 5909's came out, and viola, the best of all worlds, 90% as clear and shimmery as the 5708's, but more beefy bridge and neck rock tones. I have been hooked on them ever since.

I have them in most of my guitars...
Don't have any guitars with 59/09's in them but would love to score a set of covered ones if anybody has an extra set just laying around :laugh:
I was curious about the difference between the 59's and the 57's. After reading about some comments I'd have to add: I own two 2012 custom 24's, both with 59's and the guitars sound noticeably different. My Fire red one is darker and warmer. Maybe more compressed? and my tobacco sunburst is a bit brighter and more dynamic. So really in the end every guitar sounds different I suppose. I am thinking about adding an HFS to one of them. I think that would be a more drastic pickup change of a 57 compared to the 59.
Can the 57/08 or 59/09 do heavy rock/metal tone?

Absolutely. With lots of clarity and definition. I'm using a Marshall JVM205c with a ton of gain and it sounds amazing. Those pickups, wether they are dark or bright sound amazing.
Agree, 5909's have been my favorite pickups since they were introduced!! I snagged a pair right when they came out, and was instantly hooked. I liked the 5708's, but in many guitars they were just a little weak in the bridge pickup.

Here Here!! lol