MT 15

Question for guys in the know .
Since the MT has full size transformers and 6l6 could it be taken to a tech and increased from 15 to 30 or 40 watts .
is it just the plate voltages that are running low ? I wonder if the screen resistors were replace and voltage upped if you could get in the 40 watt zone ? or do you think the transformers would have to be replaced to ?
any one care to guess or comment
Don't know if there are any around that someone got to poke around the inside of yet. Every review I've heard said it punches way about 15 watts already, so...
I got that a little while ago as well, and since he's not one of us...

LET'S! Road trip! Ok, who has a conversion van? I'll chip in for gas. Who's buying the beer?

WOOO HOOO! I soooo need a road trip! I don't have a conversion van but I have access to a short bus...I know a guy....