Most is your most played PRS model ?

What Core PRS Model do you play the most ?

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NF3 has been it most of the last six months, though my Hollowbody Spuces (both a Hollowbody and a McCarty variant) get time. For many years I was strictly a 513 guy, and have been avoiding them to try other avenues. If I pulled one of them from the wall and played it a day, I might be right back there. Such reliable and versatile guitars.

But the NF3 is doing a great job. Would love to try an NF53.
How did you know I had one of those too? Both convertibles, of course
I did, too. A red '68 Firebird 400. GTO engine. Very fast in a straight line. In the turns, well...solid rear axle, lots of oversteer in front...lug nuts weighed more than an entire proper sports car.

Bought it new in early '69 (it was a holdover at a dealer) with money I made in my college band.

I managed to blow up the engine nonetheless.
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