Models or variants you wish PRS had available

1. Modern-metal-oriented core CU24 with following default specs; hardtail bridge, ebony board, flatter radius fretboard, thinner maple neck (quarter sawn, roasted preferred), jumbo frets (stainless steel is preferrred), uncovered \m/ pups or choises of some hot BKP pups.

2. SE 245 with 2 piece bridge like SE Mira.

3. This one is not about variation, but rather improvement. Some blue colors get fade drastically over time even though it's a Private Stock. PRS should SERIOUSLY consider new blue stain formula so solve this problem.
Not so much a model variant, but a finish variation. I like how mahogany looks and it pains me when I see a back being covered with a black non-transparent finish.

I wish there was a variant of the Faded Whale Blue with a medium dark transparent brown or a deep dark burgundy back, similar to a dark back gold top Les Paul.

At some point I might send my 2017 Faded Whale Ted McCarty to PCT to get that transparent back finish goodness. While they’re at it, I might as well upgrade the finish to nitro and get the LT pickups (2020 specs with the 2017 hardware).

I couldn't possibly agree with this more. I've seen some beautiful tops only to have a black back (back of neck as well), which somehow ruins it for me completely.

I don't know how it's possible to know what the colour of the back would be, but it seems more of the red/yellow top finishes get a natural back finish.
Custom 24 SE with separate volume and tone for each pickup.
I wonder if a Core line of acoustics would fly.

They had one from 2011-2014 or so. They were exactly like the PS models. There was also an Artist version. I had one with a cocobolo back and sides, with an Adirondack spruce top, and it was wonderful. I replaced it with a PS to be able to spec a maple body.

Shoulda kept it and bought the maple also, but I was young and foolish. Now I take Sergio’s advice to buy and never sell.
I would, like others, really like any of the models with the fancy fronts or 10 tops, but with a solid mahogany back without any stain other than to seal. So many guitars have painted backs that hide the wood. As an example, high end Gretsch Duo Jets, have beautiful metallic colors or plain colors, but the backs are beautiful exposed Mahogany. That would be a nice touch.
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I've got 3 Flying V's from the Gibby camp that I'd happily swap out for PRS Flying V's (if the neck and fret specs were deemed to be to my liking.)
More solid colors (especially powder blue, and different metallic finishes)

Hollow body II Trem

594 Trem

CU24 stop tail
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This thing........ with racing stripes.......

Besides the 594 trem already mentioned ....... 594 double cut and single cuts with wrap around bridges and Ted heads. I want the 594 Teds.
An HXDA with switchable tone stack between HXDA and Super Dallas in black paisley and tiger eye front panel. Bet you didn’t see that comin’...

@11top here's DH with Giant in a great old studio video. Played this stuff so much I think I wore out the CD. In fact, when I walked into the Hollywood Mesa/Boogie store in 1990, they were playing this album!

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