MODCAT Decoders

The Modcat posted is missing the Artist V, and the Artist V pickups. It's also missing Black Gold (though the modcat has Black Gold Burst, they are different).

Hopefully this info might help: the modcat for mine is:


All features on mine are standard for the model. My finish is Black Gold.

Thanks, Les. I'll update tomorrow when I get back to work.

Anyone else have missing codes???
Sent a few more missing pieces over to TFC directly (figured out that 25th Anniversary Shadow Birds are 'Q', for example!)

One is a mystery though. I have a Mira 245 with the code 'D' for the fingerboard wood. That's not on the list - the published spec is 'rosewood' but it would be interesting to know why it's not the typical East Indian Rosewood code and what it might actually be instead. Unless they just changed the code for that model year?
TFC has graciously coded the java for the modcat decoder. With TFC's help, I am in the process of setting up a semi-permanent host for the decoder as his is on a temporary site. That means I will need your additions and corrections here to maintain the database. Anyone with additions or corrections should post them here in this thread directly or PM me.

This is a forum team effort. Together we can keep this decoder updated. We need you guys to look at your modcats and see if we still have missing data.
That means I will need your additions and corrections here to maintain the database.

I just emailed you the new data I got from Whitecat. If you need any help/instructions on maintaining the data file for the web page, just let me know.
I've officially exhausted all my modcats! Nothing new from the final one, it returned the same bridge error as the other Stripped 58

(code = 2 - represents the 2-piece stoptail on the recent Singlecuts I guess! - not in the db yet).
(code = 2 - represents the 2-piece stoptail on the recent Singlecuts I guess! - not in the db yet).

Thanks whitecat!


OK - we need member help.

For a fingerboard wood "D" represents what?

We're pretty sure it is a RW, but what kind of RW?

The OP has been updated with new data and a new interactive decoder hosted in a semi-permanent location.

I would ask that we don't link the decoder to other forums just yet. Let's run some codes through it and make sure the dataset is fairly accurate first.
The interactive decoder worked great for both of mine. Now I know which one goes in which case!

Anyone have an ME Quatro modcat handy? Reason I ask is that it's got a Dalbergia fretboard which isn't yet on the chart...
Here is the code from my Henderson with 3 pus...2009 ...CHM2F-HFIIA-BS-NSHHH The last two dashes are actually underscores...hope this helps...(couldn't find underscore on the wife's I pad.)
Here's another addition to your database: SXM2F-HFI2T_EG_N6-6X

It is a 2006 20th anniversary Singlecut Trem in Emerald Green with the 20th "Birds in Flight" inlay, non-10 top, PRS #6 T & B p/u. I have not seen another 20th Anniversary Singlecut Trem, so I'm pretty sure this is a somewhat rare bird (so to speak). The eagle tag date is 5/30/2006.

I don't know why the electronics show up as "X". The electrics are the 3 way toggle with tap. Nothing special I don't think...
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I think the MODCAT for the McCarty Soapbar starts with "MO" rather than "MS" unless PRS changed the designation at some point. My Korina McCarty Soapbar MODCAT starts with "MO" anyhow. Otherwise, it recognized everything else in the code just fine.
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still working on modcats

I need some missing info on some older models like the designation for the old McCarty archtops and the HB spruce and the HBI, and any other model missing from the list below.

I'm also missing codes for some of the older pups like the Dragons.

Have a look at the list below and fill in anything you see missing and I'll add them to the modcat I'm working on.

I also need any codes for the S2 series for maybe a separate modcat.

see OP ^^^^
CD is for a DC245 (double cut) Ted McCarty with a Santana headstock.. And SB is for SmokeBurst.. Got these from Matt King at PRS..AWSOME CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!! Hope it helps!!!

Model: Could not find Model 'DK'
Top Wood: Maple
Frets: 22
Top Spec: Figured Maple
Top Grade: Ten Top
Neck Wood: East Indian Rosewood
Neck Carve: Grissom
Fingerboard Wood: Gaboon Ebony
Inlay: 2013 Birds
Bridge: Tremolo or 2-Piece Bridge
Color: Custom Color
Hardware: Hybrid (Nickel and Gold)
Treble Pickup: Grissom

Middle Pickup: none
Bass Pickup: Grissom
Electronics: Grissom
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i have this code on my modern eagle quatro
EQM2FAIFIES_WB_H1-13 what I see missing is EQ for modern eagle quatro, and for the pickups 1=53/10