Mind if i gush a bit about PRS SE ?


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Apr 15, 2014
I already posted about my SE santana when i got it recently. But have you ever been so thrilled with something that you don't know what to do with yourself? I just had to rave on about my SE Santana a bit more. I know the honeymoon thing all to well and i know how abruptly it can end. But i swear this is another thing altogether. This guitar for me is a revelation. There are guitars you buy that you are in love with, but this is so much more than that. The LP special P90 i bought about 8 months ago was amazing. I stopped playing my fenders much in favor of it, a surprising turn when i've been a fender guy for at least 30 years. Before that i played many different guitars for about 10 years till i decided strats were my thing. I never thought a gibson could change me after all those years. I'd owned many gibsons and gibson style guitars during that time, but every one got sold in not time because i couldn't bond.

Why am i going into all this about gibsons and how that one changed me? Because compared to my santana that P90 special pales to the point i not only don't wanna play it anymore, i wanna sell it. In fact, i'm selling all my guitars because of the PRS. I will probably keep the strat i have used for the last 10 years because i just have to have that as a sort of reality check now and then so i never strat wondering if i miss fender sound. But it will likely sit in the closet till i die. I intend on finding a SE EG next and may also get a 245 or Bernie M, tho not sure yet about that last one. I want the EG as a single coil sound. But at this point I feel like i don't need anything but this santana. However, with the prices these things go for theres no reason not to !

But all that said, heres the real reason i love this SE to the point i call it a revelation.....it sits in a mix like nothing i have ever owned ! I amd stunned at how well it does that and even surprised as heck because if i had to pick a guitar i owned as the one that seems less likely to do that well, it would be the santana ! The reason being that it's not at all a bright and cutting sound on it's own. But somehow the PRS design is able to sound full and fat solo yet cut thru a mix and sit perfectly in it like nothing i've ever owned. It floors me. It really really floors me. In all my years nothing has been able to do this. I've been thinking about pickups for it but i'm really not sure i should. It just works so well as is. If i do i will certainly have the stock ones in the bullpen waiting to go back in as soon as i start asking myself "why in gods name did i even buy pickups when the stock ones were the right ones all along?". :biggrin: I could try and explain why i am considering that, but i don't think i have to explain GAS to you. Often it's senseless....

Anyways, you can think i'm crazy selling my guitars while in the honeymoon stage. But i can tell you this. Every one of them has and always will make me work to get them to sit in the mix, something that has been a thorn in my side forever. So far not once has the santana ever not done that perfectly w/o even thinking about it. Never even fiddle with my amp settings anymore ! This guitar isn't just emotional love. It's a tool, one that does the job perfectly and removes the work leaving me to play, which by the way has led to me playing better than i have in years. No, this isn't just a honeymoon. This is the real thing. This from a guy who in the past wondered why anyone would want a PRS. Now they are ALL i want. :top:
I hear you. Got my first PRS, a "lowly" S2, and I'm ready to hand my other guitars to my kids. I just don't play them as to do so feels like a chore. PRS just seems to spec each of their guitars as a whole and not just retrofitting things on an old design.
Such a great story. So nice that you found something that fits you so perfectly.

I'm like Mike. My first PRS was an S2 Mira last year, that I bought because I couldn't find an SG without any issues, and I am so happy that I discovered it. Shortly after I got it I picked up an SE245, and it is a better guitar than the Les Pauls I have been playing for the last 30 years and I couldn't be happier with it (well, maybe a little happier - I am going to switch out the bridge pickup).
PRS just seems to spec each of their guitars as a whole and not just retrofitting things on an old design.

That's a thought that has crossed my mind when contemplating why this thing works like nothing i've owned in the past has. The only conclusions i can fathom are either Paul got lucky and hit on THE formula, or as you suggest he experimented with things till he found the magic recipe. I have a nighthawk, one of those few guitars that was designed to break traditional barriers by offering a 25.5" fender scale and fender style hardtail string thru bridge on an otherwise totally gibson style set neck build. It fails miserably, as have most or all others i've owned that aren't traditional designs. And the traditional designs pale compared to PRS because back then no one really went to the lengths to insure they work in every context perfectly. The guitar playing community hadn't yet become near as sophisticated as they are today so they didn't have to. I don't think it's likely Paul just got lucky. I think he's just one of those people that is so anal about things he creates that he needs to find perfection, and in that search he considered all details including the way the fit in the mix. Thats the killer for me. I just can't believe how perfectly it does that.
Exactly. From what I've read, watched and listened to PRS owners say I don't think there are any happy accidents by the PRS design and build teams in the Core, S2 or SE lines. Each guitar seems to meet what the designers put on paper.
Not to say PRS hasn't had any market failures, but I don't think they were because the design wasn't executed properly.
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I did forget the one problem i have with it tho. The neck pup. I like it with OD, but clean it's really not happening. So i may look into a dimarzio 36th for that position. I think dimarzio will do custom orders for coil colors so i can get a matching zebra since thier stock zebra is opposite of the PRS....black screw coil instead of cream. If i can get that sweet chimey clean neck tone i'll have it all. It's IMO the only flaw with this guitar, but it's easily fixable.
He says in the thread it's a PAF pro. It's brighter and has allen head screws.