Mike Oldfield PRS

Caleb Barnes

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Oct 15, 2019
New to this forum, and asking about the above artist.

In many of his videos he is seen playing one of two PRS guitars.

They have three rotary controls on the body, but no pickup switch (at least I cant see one).

Does anyone there know the model number?

On guitar is a dark red, and the other a yellowish colour.

Thanks in advance.


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May 9, 2023
Hello everyone,

I'm new to this forum. Being the initiator of the above mentioned instrument list on tubular.net, I have a question:

There are five PRS guitars mentioned on the site (one being a bass guitar) and I would like to know whether or not the one referred to as a 1989 PRS Signature Vintage Yellow is in fact a Custom 24 or indeed a signature.

Can anybody tell me the differences between those two?

Thank you very much in advance.


Zombie Four, DFZ
Apr 28, 2012
In 1989, the Custom was the standard production model (not a Custom 24 - that designation came later). Referring to Dave Burrlick's PRS Electric Guitar Book, the Signature used the "very best quality timbers available to PRS" and didn't add any decorations, other than the signature on the headstock is hand-signed, not a decal.

From the specs section of the book:

- One-piece mahogany regular set-neck, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, abalone bird inlays, 24 frets, hand signed signature on headstock, locking tuners.
- Solid mahogany body, "exceptional" maple top, sunbursts or colors.
- Two humbuckers (Standard Treble & Bass).
- Volume, five-way rotary pickup switch, "sweet switch" tone filter.
- PRS vibrato.
- Limited Edition of 1,000.
- Options: Special Package, multi-tap pickup system, quilt maple top.

FWIW, in the section of the book about that era, Burrlick says it became difficult to get Paul to hand-sign the guitars at the required times because he was traveling on guitar sales tours, so "that was the end of that".