Microsoft’s ‘IllumiRoom’ tech extends games beyond your TV

Like it. I use to rock a projector for gaming. Obviously no where near as epic as this but it was awesome in it's day.

I am sad to see computer gaming falling off the map. I think when consoles get better at web and the MMO experience the coffin is sealed.
I have a 110" screen setup. This seems to be a cute gimmick, but not sure I would use it. Rather just use the full wall as the tv instead of a tiny tv with pretty flashing lights around it. Wasteof a PJ to me. Need to see more uses for it before I get impressed.
My impression was that it showed additional material to what would be available on the screen - essentially giving you peripheral vision in the game.
Cool, but I hope they do studies on the possibility that this technology can cause seizures. I got dizzy just viewing the demo. Visually, maybe too much is going on.