Award winning tattoo artist ... Amateur guitarist
Nov 5, 2018
At band practice tonight we played a song that got me to thinking about the past few years. In this video, I had just tattooed a friend of mine from highschool's [now] wife. He is a drummer, and she is a singer guitar player. This was a time during the pandemic lockdowns that he wasn't even allowed in the shop to watch the tattoo. Somehow, after the tattoo was done, we ended up OUTSIDE, in the parking lot of the shop, having some shots and beers as we were not "allowed" to gather indoors. Of course, some instruments ended up being broken out, and this happened spontaneously. I am so glad we got this on video. It would be impossible to reproduce the feeling here (even it the drunken playing could have been better). BTW, that was my brother pulling up on the white sports car as we were playing so he got to hear some of it. Can't beat memories like this.

It is a facebook video so I don't know how many of you can see it, or how long the time stamp will last, but this whisky, and my nostalgial has me posting it anyway. Sorry if there are now PRS fiddles in this post.