Meet Betty...

Yeah, man, that's a sweet score! Love it! Just had some interaction with Jesse myself. Good guy to deal with.

Yes, very cool. He really knows his PRS stuff. And basses. I've never seen so many over the top basses before - which I guess is his thing. I use to play string bass in an an orchestra (high school/college) many years ago, always liked it. But just enjoy the guitar more.
I also saw that and was like HOLY POOP I want that. Rock the crap outta that blondie!

FWIW a few years back I used to name all of my guitars. In my MS Excel inventory sheet. I would sometimes go to baby name generator websites for appropriate color-themed names. If I get to that point again, I may disappear...again ;)
What did you change it to? I understand you like blue...

This Gumby Gold Leaf

Betty White...I get it... Great axe (not to be confused with "Old Battle Axe").
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I really dig that antique white with natural back and binding too! That is another "classic" / "understated" look!
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That is interesting. Very textured, is that all from the paint itself? Looks like gold leaf or crinkled aluminum foil wrap. Not sure I've seen that before.

Yeah, it’s “gold leaf” took a pile of coats to get it smooth... and now the nitro is sinking. :mad::(
Congrats - I dig that color combo!

As for bolt on SC, I believe other builders have done that - TA Bobcat comes to mind

The real key to SC style guitars is trems :)