Meet Betty...


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Dec 30, 2012
Upstate NY
I don't normally name my guitars, but when I got this the other day on Betty White's 98th birthday, and it just seemed appropriate. Plus it was my grandmother's name, long since passed (died at 101.5 years old - and my nickname for her was "Unsteady Betty" which is not what you really want in a guitar, by I digress.

I found out after getting a new S2 CU 24 in November from Sweetwater that I really was into PRS again, and then I found out I had a really good local dealer only an hour away, Ish Guitars, in Syracuse. I saw this on their website, and it immediately had my attention. I bought a new SE Mira just last month from there, but it never scratched the itch. So I sold a Les Paul (had been my #1), traded in the new Mira, sold some stuff around the house I didn't need, to be able to afford "Betty".

A CE 24 in Antique White top. Just a lovely shade of almost french vanilla colored white. But I love the fact that it has the natural back and sides, and lovely antique binding too. I really dig the different textures too, gloss body, but the maple neck is a thin satin finish (almost feels like there's no finish, but is so smooth). The Pattern Thin neck suits me just a bit more than the Pattern Regular of the CU24, but both great in their own ways. The CE has the USA 85/15 pickups, but the S versions seem awfully close to me, perhaps a bit brighter on the S version. I definitely prefer the toggle switch over the blade. Tremolo and tuners are the same and work great. Similar guitars, slightly different voice, but very different feel because of the necks. I had 6 electrics, now down to these two, and a Tele. No more buying. For a bit.






+1. i was going to buy that if you didn’t.

I was surprised it lasted long enough for me to get it. They have some very cool stuff there. I was considering an S2 594 when they come out, but their ETA was really quite a ways off, and I couldn't wait. Something to consider in the future.