McCarty with Wide Thin Neck?


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Dec 30, 2019
Hello All,

I just measured my 1999 IRW McCarty as having a thickness of .815 in at the first fret. Nut width is right around 1.677 in. I have a .89in wide fat brw cu22. Nut width on that is at1.69 in.

Is it possible my neck was a wide thin from the factory? Maybe a happy accident? It feels excellent to play and is a very light weight guitar. I thought maybe a thinner pattern regular but the nut width feels similar to my wide fat cu22.
Hopefully you'll get a different answer on this section of the forum. :D
I don’t know for sure but I’ve never seen a McCarty neck that thin unless it was some kind of after the fact special request. I know there were ‘variances’ on rosewood necks back then but .815 at fret 1 seems like a huge variance.

Other option, if your guitar is used, is that a previous owner had carved it down to wide thin from wide fat. If they took wood off the back of neck, it could have impacted the nut width exactly how you describe. My guitar shop reshapes large necks all the time (especially if given measurements to hit) so its reasonable that your guitar could have been professionally done.
Unfortunately I emailed PTC about doing a recarve on another McCarty I have that is currently wide fat and they said they no longer offer this option. Anyone know of someone in the Los Angeles or Southern California area who could do a recarve?