McCarty Makeover


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Apr 27, 2012
I've had this '99 McCarty for about six years now and it's always been a really good (maybe even great) guitar - certainly the equal of any other McCarty (with McCarty humbuckers) I've played.

Thanks to Z, I've also had a pair of 57/08s sitting around for the last 18 months while I (a.) find some time in my workshop diary to do something with them and (b.) decide which guitar to put them in. I did try them temporarily in my Warmoth/2Tek Strat that I whacked last year and although they were a perfect match, I thought they should go into a PRS. I considered my ME, but after tweaking the RPs and changing string gauge and make, decided it would be best left alone. I came to the same conclusion with my SCHB Std, with the added complication that I didn't fancy replacing the pickups in a hollowbody myself :eek:

So finally this weekend the McCarty was stripped down. I decided to change the knobs for a pair of lampshades I had and destroyed the push-pull pot in the process - luckily I had a suitable spare push-push one to replace it with. I also rounded the fret ends, rolled the fretboard edges and gave the frets a fresh polish. Here's a few pics of the during and after phases.









The 57/08s are a glorious match for this guitar, it's hard for me to describe sounds, but there's a harmonic richness and complexity that very few other guitars seems to be able to produce. I rewired it to match as closely as possible, the MC-58 wiring and it seems to suit the pickups very well.

Count me one very happy camper - and huge thanks to Z again :cool:
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I'm getting ready to throw my 5708's in my McStandard, can't wait to hear it.
Your guitar looks great! Always a happy day to tweak what you know is a great guitar and get a brand new experience.
Getting 57/08 for my McCarty as well! Can't wait! PTC installed 57/08s in my Custom 22. Just awesome! Nice guitar man!
MC58 is the most beautiful sounding guitar I've ever heard in person, sounds like this one has the goods too! Looks fantastic!