McCarty 594 Hollowbody and Hollowbody II Weight Balance?


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Jun 1, 2019
I'm considering adding a McCarty 594 Hollowbody or Hollowbody II to the mix. I love light guitars because of a bad back but I despise neck dive.

That said, to those of you with either hollowbody, how is the balance? Do you experience any neck dive?

Thanks in advance!
My singlecut HBII with a mahogany neck has what I consider “slight” neck dive, but it’s well worth it when I want the weight savings (admittedly that’s most live playing). I’ve never had a 594 to compare with though I would characterize my CU22 as more balanced by a small margin.
I have a singlecut HBI with a mahogany neck and it's balance is, like Malloc said, shifted slightly towards the neck but I don't have any issues with it diving because I use leather straps. Sitting and playing, it's almost unnoticeable.
I have a SC HB II with the piezo pickup that I bought to relieve some of the weight off my bad neck and shoulder. I don’t notice any neck dive with this one. It is a little heavier than others I’ve seen advertised at 6 lb 3 oz. I’ve always used a leather strap on my guitars and on this one I replaced the hollow metal tuner buttons with ebony, more for looks than a weight savings. Just an FYI the hollow metal Gotoh buttons on the PRS phase II tuners were 47 grams a set while the ebony weighed 12 grams; about 1 1/4oz off the end of the headstock.
I used to have a HBII with RW neck last year, and recently got a semi-hollow 594 with RW neck.
The HBII was definitely neck heavy playing in the lap and would have been worse with a strap. Even the non RW necks models will be neck heavy (these things are I the 5.5-6lbs range) but with a wide suede strap it should be no issue.
The semi-hollow 594 isn't neck heavy, it's 7lbs so a good 1lbs heavier than the HBII was.
Neither my McCarty HB or HB 594 were or are neck heavy.
Perfectly balanced. My HB weighed 5.5 lbs and my 594 HB weighs 5.9. Killer guitars.