McCarty 594 Hollow Body II String change


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Sep 23, 2013
Has anyone sized down from the stock PRS 10s. The PRS strings are nickel right? I am not fond of them. They dulled up pretty quickly IMO. I usually play Dunlop nickel 09s but wanted to see how the stock 10s felt with the shorter scale of the 594. I was hoping for a little less tension for easier bending.

I am looking at sizing down to light top heavy bottom set 09 - 46. Maybe find a compromised. I also find the treble strings on my guitar project more then the bass side. Hoping the light heavy approach will be nicer balance.

How will the overall setup be affected? I still a little hesitant to work on the guitar myself although it looks easy to adjust.
Do it! Make it work for you. As Sergio said, maybe a little truss rod tweak, but you should be good otherwise.