Mayer and PRS embarrassed over Super Eagle?

Folks, tread very carefully here. This thread was obviously started by a spouse who is trying to trick us into saying "I only need one guitar".

My wife now has three PRS basses (1987 Bass-5, Kingfisher, Kestrel), so she knows all too well the enjoyment from switching instruments. She may roll her eyes when I say "I think this one will satisfy me for a while", though.

Surprisingly, she hasn't bugged me about upgrading her bass amp (Fender Rumble 40 I think). I suppose she feels it's loud enough for what we do, with a DI if it needs to go to the PA, and nice and light for lugging around.
Oh man, you are so lucky to have a wife like that. That must be a lot of fun.
It is great! We are in a band with some close friends, play regular gigs (well, used to), have a few self-produced CDs (working on #4), and we also run sound professionally for local celtic & folk festivals.

My wife did not play an instrument or sing publicly (except drunken karaoke) until after we got together - it has been an awesome trip seeing her grow as a musician (and person)!