Mayer and PRS embarrassed over Super Eagle?

Here's my .02 as a 38 year student of the Grateful Dead and probably 10 year student of John Mayer...

Garcia continually evolved his #1 guitar from Alligator to Wolf to Tiger to Rosebud and then to the Cripe Bolt.

John seems to be doing the same thing. Let's face it, he left Fender and created the SE and the Silver Sky to solve some things that he wasn't getting from his former guitar company.

In the first DeadCo year, he had the Super Eagle and then an SG. He tended to use the SG for the more late 60s bluesy Dead numbers.

Then it was the SE and a Platinum Metallic 594 or the modded Red 594 with one mini toggle.

To me, the past 1 to 1.5 years of DeadCo were about trying something to blend the best of the SE with a 594 to get to a "new" potential #1 --- Honey
Also, he's moved away from the JMOD, and is back to Alessandro Deluxe Reverbs and the occasional Dumble.

Even Honey appears to have evolved from a 3 pickup 594 to a 3 pickup 594 with 2 mini toggles. From the little I know, those switches are for coil splitting and for the JCF audio "Jerry tone".

Personally, I doubt that John will stop here, and we will see the experimentation and evolution continue. My hope is that Paul and team are along for this journey every step of the way. I think he totally captures the essence of Garcia, with his own thing and his own sound mixed in.
His collection of exes ain't bad, either.
Not a politically correct thing to say, but my fetish lies with a collection of Paul’s exe’s
Hey, Shawn did give me the passport to bring in like totally unrelated guitars.

I'm puzzled by something. I never loved THIS particular 594. When I saw Dead & Co. live or on YouTube videos, I was always anxious for him to switch back to the SE. But I love "HONEY". Not sure if it's the middle pick-up - where he spends almost all of his time, or if Honey has a different neck/fretboard, but I MUCH prefer his 3 pick-up 594 to the Super Eagle. Go figure.