Maxwell the Geico pig, yay or nay?

thoughts on Maxwell the pig?

  • Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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  • Meh

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  • Annoying as a pebble in my shoe

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Meh, I liked the goat better. I guess the world isn't ready for him quite yet though.
That Pig and Flo from Progressive ought to get married and raise a bucha little State Farm agents.
Geico is annoying period.

I DVR everything I watch so I miss most of it, thankfully. However, when there's a billboard that just says "Save Money" and has a computer generated lizard on it? And absolutely no reference to anything else? I feel ashamed for our culture that I know what the billboard is about.

I've had the same car insurance since I had a learner's permit at 15, 21 years now, no plans on switching (USAA). Do people really change car insurance so often that insurance companies really have to advertise as much as they do?
One of my favorite aired commercials

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I thought the first Geico pig commercial was hilarious. "Wee wee wee all the way home". I also like the "When pigs fly" one. Most of the rest are totally stupid, especially the one with the pig and a girl on a date. And I'm not crazy about the gecko, either. (Why does he have an English accent?) Although the one with the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote is priceless...
The biggest problem I have with Geico's commercials is that they repeat them incessantly, and it seems like the really irritating ones get the most air time!
I actually find some of the commercials to be funny. However, it's a sad commentary that people buy financial security because they think a pig is funny. Guess why they save's because they're not paying an Independent Agent to help you make wise decisions about coverage, limits, or helping you when you have a claim. Check out GEICO's retention ratio.

Rant over.............:biggrin:
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OK..............Here's the funniest commercial of all-time in my opinion. I think this aired once for a Superbowl before it was pulled:

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Always thought this was one of the funniest insurance commercials.

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I don't really have any thoughts about this commercial, or any other for that matter. I don't pay much attention to ads, and I usually hit 'mute' til the program I'm watching comes back on.

I don't mind the pig. Goats are all the rage though. I love goat commercials.

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