Markie, your Irish...

USC consistently assembles a strong team, they're tough to beat.

The ND/Perdue game was actually pretty close, but I can't raz dad by say "it's pretty close".
9/8/12 - USC (University of Southern California, #2) beat Syracuse 42-29 at the MetLife Stadium in NJ ...

I knew what you meant. I was just kidding with you. The real, the original and the only authentic USC, the University of South Carolina (#9), was stomping East Carolina 41-3 when I quit watching.
uh...NFL Football

Bite your tongue. Purdue suks.

OK, not much into College ball...but since the weekend of all-that-is-good is soon upon us, I'll take it on the I'll probably have to talk to Dana and Rich in the P.S. neck/body/staining area...#$%^&$%^&*$%^&!!!!! Peyton Manning looked great last night, or the Steelers just forgot how to play ball...waaaaaaaaaaa!!!, so...towards end of 4th quarter, strapped on my McCarty soap gold-top and all of a sudden, there was something to smile about!!!! Still hate football, though!!!! LOLOLOL!!!!!