Luthier recommendation for neck shaping and refinishing (PTC not an option)

Nice F Holes

New Member
Aug 29, 2020
Hononlulu, HI
I'm interested in having an SE Hollowbody neck thinned out and refinished, and PTC isn't doing that kind of work in the foreseeable future. I got one very acceptable quote from a quality luthier, but also read that working with him from far away can be risky. So I'm interested in getting a few more recommendations. My biggest concern is the finish and having it match the rest of the guitar. It's painted black with acrylic clear coat. I imagine they can refinish just the neck, I just want the color to match pretty well.

Apparently PRS Hollowbodies mostly come with fat necks, so 'trading up' isn't really an option.

Thanks for any thoughts or comments, and particularly pictures if you've had some work done and recommend your luthier!