Loving my SASNF!!!


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Apr 26, 2012
Just wanted to say much love to my Swamp Ash Special Near Field!!! That has become my go to guitar for playing with my worship team and with a band I am working on. GREAT tone! Running it through a Keeley compressor and a OCD pedal into a Koch Twintone II. Man... It fits my style, which is rock / blues / Santana-esqe... Love my other PRSi, but I'm just getting a killer combination right now.

Thanks Hans... I'm still missing Goldie...

What's funny is how short lived my above statements were... I DO love my SASNF... BUT... I finally got to try a Swamp Ash Studio...

Whoa momma!!! Playing that through a Tweaker 88 at GC... I pulled the trigger on the spot. The one thing that the SASNF didn't have was a great bridge pickup. It is 'very good', but man... The studio had the fullness the SASNF didn't. Plus, with the push-pull tone, the 57/08 in the bridge split wonderfully!!! Very chimey and quacky...
I've had one for almost a year, and am still in love with it.

I love all of my current guitars (otherwise would not keep them) - however, think I could cover 90% of the sounds I want with a SASNF and the DGT standard I purchased a few weeks ago. So much versatility between them
I also love my SAS Narrowfield. A veritable Swiss Army Knife of a guitar! Has really improved our bands balance as the other guitarist plays a PRS Custom 24 and I was also using humbuckers before I got it and now we sit in slightly different placea in the mix.