Looks like I am out of work or the time being

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I hope you can find a way to pull through. I forget, do you own your own shop or work in someone’s? I’m worried about the small businesses and whether they can survive.
I own it. They basically said if they catch me operating, I can be fined, or even jailed. So they effectively shut me down.
I’ve thought about how this is affecting you since I’m in the western part of the state.
There are people in their 40s on ventilators here, and a guy in his 50s just died. I don't understand why anyone would want to risk that - or risk spreading it. When my wife was considering staying home I said, "Is that gig worth risking both of our lives over?"

She said no, and stayed home from then on; within a few days they closed her work anyway.

There are things that are worth the risk; family, country, etc. But not money.

BTW, when my current project is over, I'm in the same boat. There won't be much for me to do, they've shut down car operations, and the car companies are my main ad clients.

That's just the way it is.
I'm 9/10 the way there - dental operations essentially limited to emergencies only, so my practice is working limited hours on a very small staff. It's a downer for sure, but I feel even worse for the many small business owners who may not be in a secure financial position. Just hoping the post-coronavirus doomsday world recognizes and extends leniency towards those small businesses hit hard by the mandatory shutdowns.
I work for a company of 300 people nationwide. Our CEO has said in a video message, we are not stopping our operations. (Fire Protection). In some ways its assurance that i will have a paycheck. In another, it is kind of scary because i am going into public places with who knows who, with you know what. Other than my normal work hours i self isolate in a hotel until its time to move on to the next city. For all i know i have already been exposed, but have not been affected.
I thought I read that in CA they are letting the pot dispensaries stay open. Only fair to allow the liquor stores to stay open also, although in many states they're in grocery stores.

F@ck TP and canned goods, my wife, son, and I are making runs to the liquor store and dispensary tomorrow.... and then I’m gonna gear up at Hobby Lobby for my post-apocalyptic unitard.
I feel for you man. I can see advising sick people not to go out but shutting down EVERYTHING???? Well I work at a TV station and they aren't shutting that down. Remember the normal flu kills a lot every year if you look at the statistics. This one they are counting and reporting on every one. I feel an evil agenda behind all this.
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